The presentatıon of art started to change

There is a trend rising right now; NFTs (Non -Fundible Token)

NFTs boomed in recent months thanks to the embrace of almost all corners of the art, entertainment and media worlds. 

And as a 3D artist I decided to follow this trend and create digital art. 

So Let's Create Something

"The one" Collection

"The One" Story

“The One” is an outstanding adventure which will be completed in 5 chapter, Every chapter needs a prechious and colorfull prizm to complete.

So start collecting the precious prisms one by one and become the master of “The One” land.

The One collection coming with 1080 * 1080 px MP4 format. Buy,Trade, Enjoy…

Proudly Introducıng

The One Collection

The One - Turquoise

The One - Pink

The One - Orange

The One - Green

The One - Red

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